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Bath Tub Beryl salutes the NHS

Bath tub Beryl who lounges in a mosaic bath outside Teach Me’s studios at 3 Cockreed Lane, New Romney has enjoyed many guises over the past year. She has been dressed as a land army girl, a party girl from the swinging sixties and Santa’s helper. Now to honour the heroes of the NHS she’s dressed as a nurse with a poem to urge everyone to wash their hands.

The poem goes:

My Name is Bathtub Beryl
I am here in times of Peril
We must have faith and hope
So, Wash your hands with soap!
Be sure to do your part
By staying far apart
This will help the NHS
To do what it does best!

The Beryl sculpture was the brainchild of Yolanda Houston, who teaches mosaics, stained glass and other workshops at the studios.

While the Teach Me studios are on lock down, Yolanda has been compiling kits to enable people to do crafts at home – including mosaics, glass appliqué and chocolate making. The kits can be ordered by calling 01797 364366 and Yolanda will leave them outside for collection.

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