Corporate Events

Teach Me offers a range of subjects that can be undertaken to offer a creative element for corporate events. Either creating something as individuals and experimenting and embarking on trying something new or creating amazing team building projects from canvas to mosaics. Inset days are tailored for you with all materials being provided to work within your budget – creativity doesn’t need to be expensive to produce astounding results.

Corporate events can be on…..

Creative Painting:
This is a very popular inset day and can be both stimulating or relaxing.  All materials, easels and brushes provided.  The inset can be one where each member of staff creates a portrait of a colleague, or creates a piece of work that when combined creates a bigger larger image – so working as a team to make sure they all fit together is essential.  Alternatively larger canvases can be provided to create a single art piece that everyone participates in creating. If you prefer something more tranquil, then staff can paint – plein air and recreate the landscape, learn about colour and perspective.  There are many ideas and options that can be adapted to make your team building day one of fun and creativity.

Design, draw and create a mosaic using the indirect method on mesh which can then be transported once complete to the place where it will be installed.  All equipment is supplied an is a great way to get staff working together – using all types of media from ceramics to buttons and even items of personal importance or importance to their class or school.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Learn to temper, mould and decorate chocolate using transfers, dusting powders and more.  Everyone gets to take home what they make or they can sell what they make to generate some income towards the school’s next event!

Pottery painting:
Create an office mug – no more leaving them piled in the sink or not in the staff room dishwasher, the culprits can now be found! Paint self portraits or paint one of a colleague J Paint some more, fill them with chocolates or treats and sell them for charity.

Pasta Making:
Yes, you can learn to make pasta! Fresh pasta tastes different to the packet stuff and is easy to make – be prepared to roll up your sleeves Mario!

Want something else?

Please let us know if none of the above appeals but you have an idea that you would like us to source and assist you with.  We are flexible and can often provide all that you need to ensure that your corporate day is one of creativity and we are able to bring everything you need.