Teach me specialises in coordinating both inset days or children’s class days. We can tailor make your event to fit the budget by offering any one of our numerous courses.

For teaching staff we can run events for those who say “I can’t” and ensure that they can – taking away something wonderful at the end of the day.

Please contact us to discuss both your budget and inset topic so that we can tailor make this to your requirements.

Please note that we can adapt many of our courses to meet with topics on the National Curriculum in an inventive and creative way.

Food technology – pasta making

Romans and Greeks – Mosaics (including maths!)

Myans – chocolate making

These are to name but a few of the courses we cover. We are able to undertake some great small scale experiments and all our courses have course notes and a quiz at the end of each workshop.

Inset days are tailored for you with all materials being provided to work within your budget – creativity doesn’t need to be expensive to produce astounding results.

Insets can be on

Creative Painting

This is a very popular inset day and can be both stimulating or relaxing. All materials, easels and brushes provided. The inset can be one where each member of staff creates a portrait of a colleague, or creates a piece of work that when combined creates a bigger larger image – so working as a team to make sure they all fit together is essential. Alternatively larger canvases can be provided to create a single art piece that everyone participates in creating. If you prefer something more tranquil, then staff can paint – plein air and recreate the landscape, learn about colour and perspective. There are many ideas and options that can be adapted to make your team building day one of fun and creativity.

Creating and designing class birthday cakes

Get staff to create a class birthday cake to delight and celebrate birthdays. Using a polystyrene dummy as the base and then working with sugar paste, create a stunning celebratory cake and ensure that every class pupil will have something to celebrate. You can even create your own “bake off” between classes!


Design, draw and create a mosaic using the indirect method on mesh which can then be transported once complete to the place where it will be installed. All equipment is supplied an is a great way to get staff working together – using all types of media from ceramics to buttons and even items of personal importance or importance to their class or school.

Stained Glass

using the silicone technique where coloured or plain glass can be cut and shaped then stuck to a clear piece of glass to create a beautiful finished window but without using lead. This can either be individual projects or a single large project or a combination of both to make a stunning collage of glass work.

Copper/Silver Clay

Using this amazing substance (both real copper and real silver suspended in a clay based compound) staff can create bespoke items that are 99.9% real silver. Silver and Copper Clay can be undertaken by even those who say they are not creative! Using the clay to model, cut or mould it into your design it is then air dried before firing with a small blow torch. Once the piece has cooled, the clay is brushed off revealing an jaw dropping piece of solid silver jewellery.


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Learn to temper, mould and decorate chocolate using transfers, dusting powders and more. Everyone gets to take home what they make or they can sell what they make to generate some income towards the school’s next event!

Want something different?

Please let us know if none of the above appeals but you have an idea that you would like us to source and assist you with. We are flexible and can often provide all that you need to ensure that your corporate day is one of creativity and we are able to bring everything you need.
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