Terms & Conditions

Courses are expected to be paid in full either by online transaction through the booking system available on the Teach Me Website.

If you have booked via the telephone and intend to pay on the day by card or cash, your booking is considered to be the same as if you had booked online and payment is expected to be made and the verbal contract honoured.

If you are unable to attend a course that has been booked either online or by telephone Teach Me will offer one of the following:

  1. Teach Me have a no refund policy on courses that have been booked as above.
  2. The option to book the same course on another date where this course is being run.
  3. To book a different course for the same or increased value.  Any difference in course prices will be given as a credit towards another course or a voucher.
  4. To book a bespoke date mutually agreeable to Teach Me and the customer where 2 or more people are able to attend on a date/time convenient to both parties.
  5. To permit the person who has purchased the course to transfer the course to another named person.
  6. To accept a voucher for the value of the course booked which can be transferred to friends or family to use.

Vouchers do not expire and can be exchanged against all courses or workshops.  Any balances are non refundable but can be used against another course in the future.

We do not operate a refund policy as we limit the numbers of students per course, have invested in equipment and tools for the courses and in some cases have secured an external tutor whose costs need to be covered.

For those attending day/evening courses please see below

If you are unable to attend a day/evening course please provide 24 hours or more notice where possible if you are unable to attend.

Teach Me will contact anyone who has not attended for 3 weeks or more without any prior notice having been given or a valid reason for non attendance.

Each student is permitted to not attend for up to 6 weeks holiday per annum.

Doctors or medical appointments where these are made in advance and 24 hours notice can be given.

Emergencies – please call as soon as you are able to inform us that you are unable to attend.

Teach Me reserves the right to cancel classes due to illness and emergency – please ensure we have your contact details as notice of any changes, closures or holidays will be notified to students asap by e mail or telephone.

Teach Me reserves the right to charge for any missed classes that are not reported within the notice period above.

All students attending all courses/classes must be aware of health and safety within the studio, notify of any allergies or any other medical conditions that may occur in order that we are able to take the necessary action to ensure your safety. Safety and protective wear is available for all students. 

Please do not operate any machinery if you have not been shown how to use this or are unsure in any way as Teach Me staff will not be held responsible.

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